The Foster Care Clinic offers primary care and consultations for foster children with medical, behavioral and other special health care needs, as  children in foster care have special needs. Each visit at our clinic allows for the extra time needed to provide the best care and communication with foster families.The Foster Care Clinic works with the Children and Teen’s Clinic at Harborview to provide same day appointments for sick children and timely follow-up when needs arise as well as after hours care-line.


  • Well-baby and well-child checkups for children in foster care (EPSDT) and immunizations
  • Targeted psychological evaluations for diagnostic clarification and treatment planning 
  • Continuity health care for children while in dependency and after permanency is established
  • 24-hour phone access to trained nurses for acute medical issues
  • Medical care for acute illnesses
  • Consultation for children with developmental, behavioral or medical concerns
  • Coordination and referral for specialty medical, dental and mental health services
  • Screening for fetal alcohol syndrome
  • Foster family counseling regarding behavioral and parenting concerns
  • Mental health consultation and coordination with community mental health agencies
  • Interpreting and coordinating medical records
  • Communication with child welfare and adoption caseworkers, court, schools, daycare providers, therapists and counselors

What to expect from your first visit:

Appointments in the clinic typically last a minimum of two hours and can last three hours. Appointments include time with foster parents and children, parents alone and children alone.