Who is an appropriate referral patient?

We see any child who has been in any type of out of home care , including children in relative care, kinship care, foster homes and foster group care.  We also see children adopted from the foster care system as well as children who have been reunified with their birth parents.

How long are the visits?

An initial visit lasts between 2 and 3 hours and includes time for both the parent and child to talk with providers. Follow-up visits are typically shorter, between 1 and 2 hours.

What happens during a visit?

All children receive a general medical exam similar to a well child check up.   We ask questions about child development, mental health, trauma exposure, medical concerns and behavioral concerns.  If the child has been referred to our psychologist, an evaluation for specific concerns is done which includes assessments through the use of standardized measures.  Our psychologist typically sees children for an initial visit and then for at least one more visit that includes a discussion of findings and recommendations.

When will we get a visit report?

A written report from the visit is typically completed one to two weeks after the visit.  Patients seen by our psychologist typically require two visits before the finalized report is completed.

Why have a dedicated foster care clinic?

Foster children have special needs and our integrated specialty clinic provides the time and expertise that these children deserve to comprehensively care for them and to set these children up for success.